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We secure the long-term succession and strengthen the shareholder base of POLYGENA AG.

The family holding company WISTAMA of the Karl Stadler family, together with Helvetica Capital, is broadening its sponsorship of its SME holding company POLYGENA AG in order to proactively strengthen the shareholder base and secure the succession. WISTAMA remains the largest single shareholder in the new ownership structure and continues to be actively involved in the board of directors and management. Together with Helvetica Capital AG and its Swiss Entrepreneur Investor Platform as well as the management of Helvetica Capital AG and POLYGENA AG, this creates optimal conditions for the further successful development of the POLYGENA Group.

The family holding company WISTAMA of the Karl Stadler family expands and strengthens the ownership structure of POLYGENA AG through a partnership with the newly founded Swiss holding company (HC Holding Zeta AG) from Helvetica Capital’s Swiss Entrepreneur Investor Platform. WISTAMA will be the largest single shareholder in the future structure. The new ownership consists of 20 shareholders, including WISTAMA, Helvetica Capital AG and its Swiss Entrepreneur Investor Platform as well as the management team.

All of the approximately 550 employees of the POLYGENA Group will be taken over by the new ownership. The management of POLYGENA with Valentin Bühler as CEO, Thomas Jürgensen as CFO and Bettina Stadler as CHR will continue to work for POLYGENA.

The board of directors of POLYGENA AG with Karl and Roger Stadler as well as Jost Sigrist is supplemented by Andreas Koopmann and Harry Leonhardt. Karl Stadler hands over the chairmanship of the board of directors to Andreas Koopmann.

The founder of the POLYGENA Group and former Chairman of the Board Karl Stadler states: “It is a stroke of luck for POLYGENA that with Helvetica Capital we have found an organization and investor that not only ensures my succession, but also has a very similar value set to POLYGENA and is also ideally positioned due to its extensive experience and expertise in the Swiss SME and start-up environment. The future development of the POLYGENA Group will be optimally promoted by Helvetica Capital and the Stadler family will continue to stand behind POLYGENA with all its might and support its development”.

“We are delighted to become part of the shareholder base of POLYGENA AG, a strong group of leading Swiss SMEs from various industrial sectors. Our goal is to ensure continuity in the shareholder structure and in the operational business together with the Stadler family and the management. Furthermore, together we will open a new stage of profitable growth and continue the success story of POLYGENA AG”, says Harry Leonhardt, Managing Partner at Helvetica Capital AG.

“Helvetica Capital together with the new and existing investors represents an excellent future solution for POLYGENA AG and its subsidiaries and opens a new chapter in the history of POLYGENA AG. The new ownership structure allows us to unleash hidden strengths, courageously seize new opportunities and successfully develop our ‘hidden champions’. POLYGENA AG’s future development will be based on shared values and principles based on the unique DNA of SMEs.”, explains Valentin Bühler, CEO POLYGENA AG.

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Thomas Jürgensen, POLYGENA AG: +41 71 757 00 83


POLYGENA AG is a long-term partner for SMEs, in particular for succession solutions in family-owned companies. POLYGENA AG assumes full, long-term entrepreneurial responsibility for the optimal further development of the companies.

As ‘Partnership for SMEs’, POLYGENA AG stands for the creation of customer benefits through innovation in products and processes as well as for the realization of common synergies and a global perspective. In 2019, POLYGENA will have more than 550 employees in five Swiss companies and their subsidiaries abroad.

About Helvetica Capital AG

Helvetica Capital AG is an independent entrepreneurial investor with a focus on Swiss SMEs. Helvetica invests in companies and advises both entrepreneurs and investors on financing and succession solutions. The declared goal is the sustainable and long-term development of ‘hidden champions’ through active operational and strategic deployment, as well as the contribution of relevant expertise.